Bucknell University Press – The Griot Project Book Series – Call for New Book Proposals
Friday, February 28, 2020 12:00 AM
Founded by the late Carmen Gillespie, this interdisciplinary book series, associated with Bucknell’s Griot Institute for the Study of Black Lives and Cultures and published by Bucknell University Press, welcomes proposals for new monographs, collections of essays, and select poetry and fiction exploring the aesthetics, history, art, and culture of African America and the African diaspora.

The Griot—a central figure in many West African cultures—traditionally functioned as a community historian, cultural critic, indigenous artist, and collective spokesperson. The series draws on this tradition as a metaphor, inviting scholarly and creative explorations of the arts, literatures, and cultures of African America, Africa, and the African diaspora. Expansive and inclusive in its influence and significance, the Griot Project Book Series publishes books that appeal to academics, artists, and lay readers and thinkers alike.

To submit a book proposal, please visit: https://www.bucknell.edu/azdirectory/bucknell-university-press/authors

For more information about the Griot Institute, visit:


Titles in the series:

Sharrell D. Luckett. African American Arts: Activism, Aesthetics, and Futurity (2019)

Frieda Ekotto and Corine Tachtiris. Don’t Whisper Too Much and Portrait of a Young Artiste from Bona Mbella (2019)

Vincent L. Stephens and Anthony Stewart, Eds. Postracial America?: An Interdisciplinary Study (2016)

James Braxton Peterson, Ed. In Media Res: Race, Identity, and Pop Culture in the Twenty-First Century (2015)

Angèle Kingué. Venus of Khala-Kanti (2015)

Myronn Hardy. Catastrophic Bliss (2012)

Carmen R. Gillespie. Toni Morrison: Forty Years in The Clearing (2012)