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Friday, March 12, 2021 09:24 AM

Job Description

Job Title: Lecturer in Black British History
Department / School: History, Classics and Archaeology
Reports To: Head of History


Job Purpose

To develop and teach courses on Black British History, including perspectives on the history of African and Caribbean Communities in Britain. To teach across all levels of the curriculum, including pre-honours, honours and MSc level courses, as appropriate. To propose new courses on Black British history at these levels and to contribute to the delivery of pre-honours courses, including the following: The Historian’s Toolkit, Introduction to Historiography and appropriate topical courses. To contribute to team teaching at the honours and MSc levels, including Historical Skills and Methods I and II, Historical Methodology and Historical Research: Skills and Sources. To contribute to the supervision of undergraduate, MSc and doctoral students. To conduct internationally excellent research on any aspect of Black British history (and a willingness to develop a Scottish dimension of Black British histories to research, teaching and knowledge exchange) and to enhance its impact, contribute to the administration of the Department and the School and provide pastoral care and guidance to students.


Main Responsibilities

  • Produce internationally excellent research on any aspect of Black British history (approx. 35 per cent of time).
  • Undertake honours teaching and supervision to meet the teaching objectives of HCA (approx. 15 per cent of time).
  • Supervise undergraduate dissertations to meet the teaching objectives of HCA (approx. 5 per cent of time)
  • Deliver Postgraduate teaching to contribute to the goals of the Graduate School in HCA (approx. 10 per cent of time).
  • Deliver pre-honours lectures and tutorials to meet the teaching objectives of HCA (approx. 10 per cent of time).
  • Conduct teaching-related administration to contribute to smooth running of teaching programme in HCA (approx. 15 per cent of time)
  • Provide pastoral advice and guidance to students (approx. 10 per cent of time).
  • Work with Head of History, Course Organisers, Student Support Officers and officers of the Graduate School to assist in the planning, delivery, assessment and administration of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.
  • Work with Director of Research to contribute to research output of the School


Planning & Organising

  • Plan and carry out research on any aspect of Black British history; publish research outputs and aim for public dissemination
  • Develop collaborative research projects within HCA, with other parts of the University, and with other HEIs in the UK and abroad
  • Deliver honours teaching as directed by Head of History
  • Plan and deliver pre-honours teaching as directed by course organisers and Head of History
  • Deliver postgraduate teaching as directed by Postgraduate Director, also online
  • Supervise MSc dissertations, as directed by the History Graduate Officer
  • Supervise doctoral research students
  • Plan and carry out administrative tasks as required
  • Provide guidance to students through the Personal Tutor system


Problem Solving

  • Work with senior colleagues and the Student Support Office to assist students who encounter difficulties in their studies (includes engaging with the University’s mental health training provisions)
  • Participate in teaching-related induction events, as required
  • Work with course organisers to assist students new to studying History
  • Work with support staff to deal with administrative issues


Decision Making

  • Decide on programmes of work for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including doctoral students.
  • Make decisions about the assessment of the work of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Participate in classification decisions


Knowledge Skills and Experience

Attribute Essential Desirable Education, Qualifications & Training

  • A PhD or equivalent qualification on any aspect of Black British history.
  • Evidence of expertise in any aspect of Black British history.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Knowledge of any aspect of Black British history.
  • Ability to produce internationally excellent research.
  • Awareness of best practice in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.
  • Awareness of issues in assessment.
  • Teaching experience at undergraduate level.
  • Experience of undergraduate assessment.
  • Portfolio of internationally excellent research.
  • Experience of dissemination and/or co-production of research with broader communities interested in Black British history
  • Willingness to develop a Scottish dimension to research and teaching.
  • Knowledge of online teaching practices
  • Awareness of teaching-related administrative practices.
  • Knowledge of means of delivering pastoral care of students.
  • Experience of online and postgraduate teaching,including doctoral supervision.
  • Relevant IT skills including online learning.
  • Relevant administrative experience.


  • Teach and assess on undergraduate and postgraduate History programmes, including doctoral supervision
  • Supervise undergraduate dissertations.
  • Deliver pre-honours teaching and assessment at the direction of course organisers.
  • Contribute to administration of Subject Area and School.
  • Provide pastoral care and guidance for students.
  • Produce internationally excellent research and disseminate its findings.


Additional Information

Work within the History subject area and the HCA Graduate School to deliver teaching that will contribute to internal and external assessments of the quality of teaching in HCA, such as the National Student Survey.


Key Job Hazard Information Specific to the Role

This role may result in potential exposure to certain hazards as listed below. These will be risk assessed by the school or department, which may require you to participate in, for example, health surveillance or follow other health and safety requirements.

  • International travel on behalf of the University and/or high hazard fieldwork


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