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Repairing Histories 1: Claudia Jones And Marcus Garvey In The Context British & Global African History
Saturday June 11 2022, 2-6pm GMT
To book: https://bitly.com/ClaudiaMarcus

A free Zoom online conference that will cover Global African and British African history, framed around the British and international histories of Marcus Garvey and Claudia Jones.

Presented by academic and community historians, with a plenary for audience engagement.

The aim of the conference is to have papers that improve or expand the knowledge of the subject, mainly by highlighting the little known aspects of that history, or challenging the received wisdom.

Conference Papers:
Claudia Jones And Marcus Garvey In The Context British & Global African History
Claudia Jones: Communist In The US & UK
Marcus Garvey In The UK
Marcus Garvey’s Outernational Work Across Africa
Why Claudia Jones Is One Of The Greatest British Activists, Ever

To book: https://bitly.com/ClaudiaMarcus

For enquiries: Awula Serwah via [email protected].
Produced by BTWSC/African Histories Revisited in association with BBM/BMC (BritishBlackMusic.com/Black Music Congress) and TAOBQ (The African Or Black Question)

We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by the Joint BME Events and Activities scheme administered by the Social History Society in partnership with Economic History Society, History UK, History of Education Society (UK), History Workshop Journal, Royal Historical Society, Society for the Study of Labour History and Women's History Network; plus BTWSC/AHR for financial support.


'UK African Women Self-Organising' - a #BTWSCAHR 100mins mashup video highlighting British African women activists, organisations and movements since the 1940s, available for online screening and discussion in and out of International Women's Month #IWM #Women #Womanist #History

For enquiries: Awula Serwah via [email protected].


Claudia Jones: The Myth Buster by Kwaku. She’s the subject of a chapter entitled ‘Black British Activism In Notting Hill’, which is in ‘Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History: Migrants in Britain c 800-Present’, published at the start of the new school term for students taking GCSE History. ‘Claudia Jones: A Life in Exile’ by Marika Sherwood et al has recently been republished, twenty-one years after it was first published.

Click here to read the Claudia Jones: The Myth Buster article or here to read it in the Black History Month 2021 magazine.

'Back To Africa Was Not Marcus Garvey's Pan-Africanism Focus' by Kwaku. Click here to read the Black History Month Magazine 2021 article.


Click here to read Notting Hill Carnival: The Genesis Story - Historical musicologist Kwaku provides the early history of the Carnival, some of which counters the received wisdom we have about Europe's largest street festival.

Click here to watch promo - we just might repeat some of the programmes in 2022.


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