Africa Unity Movement for Decolonization (AUMD) Presents: Pan-African Unity or Perish: A Call for the Abolition of Neocolonialism
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Monday, June 13, 2022 10:28 AM

Virtual Host: Midland State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe July, 21-23 2022

The Africa Unity Movement for Decolonization (AUMD), is a coalition of African-led organizations seeking to achieve freedom, sovereignty, and liberation for all African people from imperialism and neo-colonialism. We are composed of multiple African-led organizations throughout the globe, including the African Continent, the Americas, and Europe. As you know, our coalition is focused on educating our attendees on how colonialism has historically and contemporarily affected African people. Also, how our coalition can address issues stemming from it.

The convention will take place from Thursday, 21 July, to Saturday, 23 July 2022, as a hybrid convention. It will be held during the 100-year anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s appeal to the League of Nations. This opportunity is important in spotlighting sanctions against not only Ethiopia but also Zimbabwe, Eritrea, and other nations where sovereignty is punished by the colonial system.

The convention will use the AUMD Declaration ‘We Charge Colonialism’ as its foundational aim; see:


Africa Unity Movement for Decolonization (AUMD)
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