Tanya Huelett Photo

Tanya HuelettTreasurer
Senior Program Associate
Facing History and Ourselves


Tanya Huelett earned her PhD in the History of the African Diaspora from New York University. Her areas of concentration were Latin American and the Caribbean, with a focus on Jamaica in the period immediately following the emancipation of the enslaved population. Tanya’s dissertation, titled ‘Cleave to the Black: Identity, Community, and Allegiance-making in Post-Emancipation Jamaica’, focused on the ways that a diverse population of African descendants negotiated the meaning and power of ideas about race, color and community in their struggles for meaningful freedom and self-determination after slavery ended.

Tanya is a Senior Program Associate at Facing History and Ourselves (FHAO). FHAO is an international non-profit organization that develops curricula and provides professional development for secondary school teachers. Tanya’s work includes providing one-on-one support for teachers, and leading workshops and seminars on topics ranging from genocide in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to the struggles of various groups for equal rights and inclusion in societies around the world. Tanya works and lives in New York.


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